About Carlos

About Carlos

why I am a medium

It has been a long process to accept that my inner guidance to stand tall and proud in my beliefs, through observations I understood that to stand up and be counted particularly in matters of religion and politics can get you into all sorts of troubles.
being a mere child I understood my sensing the affinity to what I now know and practice SPIRITUALISM I sometimes think of the long way I had traveled to unfold and being at peace with who I am and feel happy to the point of loving myself.
It was my fathers wish for me to go and live somewhere in Europe or Australia, he died when I was 16 and migrating away from my family (mother and special needs sister) was something I would have not put it as something I will contemplate and this is after a long time living in the UK is how my life has unfolded and adds to my conviction that I needed to investigate what was the reasons.
After a tumultuous period from 1979 to 1984 I ask God for help and in a complete leap of faith
I turned my back to all that was in my life and walked into the unknown no home, no money, drained and in a foreign country no family recovering from the total mental anguish of living in total negative partnership and the prospect of being one more homeless person walking the streets of London.
But the purpose of my life started unfolding day after day I became stronger and more aware of the kind of miracle my life has become within a year I had a good relationship that took me with all the damaged I had suffered up till then and nursed me back to the old me.
exactly a year after I moved to my new home with someone who restored my confidence and made that miracle take me to new heights, I realized that what I had felt since I could remember being guided and trusting the Universe to come to my aid and seeing with a great deal of appreciation I starting searching for a way to repay the generosity I have enjoyed.
I looked for ways to look for like minded people, and was led to spiritualism churches and eventually joined a developing circle where I started finding the right outlet for the Spiritual fulfillment I had been searching for.
It took some years 4 perhaps more for me to reach the decision to do fledglings (name given to budding mediums) it was a very unnerving experience but I never looked back I now found what I could identify and the path starting to unfold and it took me some time before excepting I could work as a medium my dialogue with my guides and helpers started to develop and coming to retirement coincided with my confidence getting strong enough.
Given the evidence of survival for years I feel is time to take things to a different level, the Epidemic has conditioned how we help others (the telephone and facetime) are the things we have to adapt to.
So dear friend I will endeavor to help you should you feel I am that person to help yourself to unfold that path you feel has the potential to come to terms with your physical and spiritual balance to lead you into a more fulfilling life.

love and light


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