Flight 062

Flight 062

hat time came and I Flight 062 Malaga – London


iberia flight 062 from malaga that crashed 4 november 1967 in londonSome of the things that happens in your life are unexplainable and I had that kind of feeling on quite a number of occasions, never more clear that the one in 1967, I was invited to come to England by one of my friends and decided to take the oportunity of low season in Spain, and bought a ticket Malaga to London for the 4th of November back in 1967 as far as I can remember we only had direct flights on a Friday so I bought my ticket for the 4th of November.

My family was disapointed I was travelling that day since it was my Name’s Day (back in the day your celebrated your Saint’s day all the passagers and that your Birthday, so the tryp was moved to the following Friday.

The flight 062 was the 1st Iberia flight disaster and my life was spare,



More information on Flight 062: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iberia_Flight_062

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