Things you should know about Mediumship.


During my years of experiencing Spirit communication, something which has become crystal clear to me is that like everything else in the Universe they are never two mediums working the same. Also when we consult a medium what is vital is that you are there with the attitude of trust and positivity since these two things will make a better communication with your guides and helpers also this will be more beneficial for the sitter.

Not always things are clear to you, like a puzzle you got to understand the pieces has to be fitted by the recipient the interpretation of the medium even 100% accurate he is being influenced from the communicator to the sitter.
I know from my own experience that sometimes a 1st class message needs to be understood one example for you.
I was in a Hitchin (Herts) as the mediums message was given to the person in front of me was of a gentleman age early 40s who died in his home in his own bed with a heart problem but it was not a heart attack.
So the lady that was the recipient of the message struggled to take the information, of course she could not, it was my dad’s information for me to understand he knew of the problems I was experiencing with someone in the audience and he was supporting me.

My dad as the message was being told was that he died when he was 43 years old had a borrow artery and with an aneurism, his heart did not responded to the medications and minister to dissolve the clot.

My love of attending Sunday Services and listening to the philosophy and experiencing the demonstration of clairvoyance.
However the one thing that is for certain is time after time the evidence in such meetings is incredible and I am very grateful to be able to attend a number of churches, I would love this to be the same to each a every human being because it will very much help them to have a better understanding of life philosophy and the continuation of life; so many people are oblivion to the fact.

If like me you want to satisfy your inner feeling that you can do more than just except you had been fed. Be questioning and find how to have a more fulfilled life.

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